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Sol Studio Customer Experience

Sol Spaces Inc

. - Sol Studio 1.0 Backyard Retreat Customer Profile: A homeowner sought a versatile backyard addition and chose Sol Spaces Inc.'s Sol Studio 1.0—a 120 square foot space designed for entertainment, glamping, artistry, and more. Studio Features and Customization: Multi-Purpose Design: The Sol Studio 1.0's flexible design caters to various uses, from entertainment and glamping to an artist's haven or extra play space for children.

Outdoor Integration: The customer extended the deck outside the studio's sliding doors, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor experience.

Pergola Addition: An accompanying pergola enhanced the glamping experience, providing an inviting outdoor space.

Amenities: The studio was equipped with a fridge, TV, and smart heating, ensuring year-round comfort and convenience.

Adaptability during COVID-19: The Sol Studio served as a home office during pandemic-related closures, with associated expenses considered business-related.

Year-Round Use and Versatility: The customer utilized the Sol Studio year-round, transforming it into a guest house and adapting it to meet evolving needs during pandemic challenges. Customer Testimonial: "The Sol Studio changed our entire approach to our backyard. We now spend more time in the studio than in the permanent residence because it gives you the sense that you're on vacation. This was by far the best investment we have ever made in upgrading the property." Conclusion: Sol Spaces Inc.'s Sol Studio 1.0 redefines backyard living, offering a versatile and stylish space for entertainment, relaxation, and work. This customer's strategic customization and year-round use showcase the studio's adaptability to various lifestyles, making it a valuable and transformative investment for enhancing overall property appeal.

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