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Greenhouse Experience: Sol Spaces Inc. - Sol 120 Greenhouse in Canada

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Customer Profile:

A backyard gardener in Canada with medical needs sought an efficient solution for cultivating cannabis legally. They invested in Sol Spaces Inc.'s Sol 120 Greenhouse to optimize their cultivation process. Greenhouse Features Utilized: Climate Control: The Sol 120's climate-hardened design ensured consistent growing conditions, critical in the Canadian climate.

IoT Technology: Integrated sensors provided real-time humidity and temperature monitoring, enabling precise environmental control.

Sun Shades: Removable sun shades effectively regulated heat on hot days, safeguarding plant health.

Solar-Powered Exhaust Fans: These fans maintained optimal ventilation and temperature levels without additional electricity costs.

North Growing Wall: The 10-foot north wall maximized vertical growing space, allowing plants to reach their full 7-foot height.


The customer's investment of approximately $8,000 in the Sol 120 Greenhouse yielded exceptional results. They harvested 30 ounces of high-quality cannabis, valued at approximately $4,500, meeting their medical needs effectively. Customer Testimonial:

"I absolutely love the Sol 120 and would recommend it to anyone. The crop was amazing, and in this case, cannabis, but it could have been any crop depending on the interests of the gardener. This greenhouse made it easier, especially in terms of dealing with heat, which traditional greenhouses cannot do nearly as efficiently. At the end of the day, the greenhouse will pay for itself within two years, which is very impressive," the customer stated. Conclusion:

Sol Spaces Inc.'s Sol 120 Greenhouse empowered this Canadian customer to legally and efficiently cultivate cannabis for their medical needs. The greenhouse's advanced features and cost-effectiveness make it an excellent investment for any aspiring gardener looking to optimize their crop yields.

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