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Greenhouse 120

The Numbers


10' x 10'

Square Feet


Starting At


Features and Benefits

10 Foot Growing Wall​

Utilize vertical space efficiently, maximizing your growing area!

10mm Polycarbonate

Thick twin-wall polycarbonate helps to capture heat and reflect UV Rays.

Solar Powered Ventilation System

Energy-efficient ventilation silently removes hot and stale air from the greenhouse.

Treated Lumber

Invest in a greenhouse built to last. Treated lumber offers resistance to decay and pests.

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Monitor your greenhouse 24/7

Coloured Metal Trim

Personalize your greenhouse with a touch of style. Coloured metal trim adds aesthetic appeal and beautifies your outdoor space.


Professional Installation 

Save TIME and headaches with our installation service.

Foundation Installation 

Several options available, contact us for your ideal foundation. 

Interior Benches

Provide a comfortable and convenient workspace for tending to your plants. Raised benches reduce the strain on your back and knees. (Bonus!)

Set of 4 Solar Shades

Protect delicate plants from excessive sunlight and heat, preventing sunburn and promoting healthier growth. Solar shades also help regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse, creating a more hospitable environment for plants.

Powered Exhaust Fan

Maintain optimal air quality by expelling hot, stale air from the greenhouse. A powered exhaust fan prevents the buildup of humidity and reduces the risk of mold and mildew. Allowing once more for a healthy growing environment.

Powered Interior Fan

Enhance air circulation within the greenhouse to distribute heat and humidity evenly. Improved airflow promotes stronger plant growth. It helps prevent issues, such as heat stress and pest infestations.

Watering Kit

Simplify watering tasks and ensure consistent moisture levels for your plants. With the option for manual or timed watering, this kit promotes efficient water usage and helps prevent under or overwatering. Promoting the assurance of healthier plant growth.

Greenhouse 120

Financing Options

12 Months


36 Months


60 Months


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Redefine your space

Leverage the natural energy of your environment.

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