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Greenhouse 160

The Numbers


16' x 10'

Square Feet


Starting At


Features and Benefits

The Greenhouse 160 is a unique combination of greenhouse space and an attached 40 square foot vestibule that can be used for grid-tied off-season growing or as a convenient, secure storage and potting shed. it boasts 120 square feet of growing space. The 160 has an optional solar-powered ductless heating and cooling pump to extend the growing season and minimize heat during hot summer months.


10' North Wall

Inner Potting Benches

2 Roof Mounted Solar Exhaust Fans

Pressure Treated Wood Skirting

Wood Exterior

Vinyl Eavestroughs

Optional Add-Ons

IoT Sensors for environment Monitoring

Self-watering Kit, includes water pump, drip emitters, and irrigation tube

Removable solar radiation and heat minimizing shades (8-pack)

Pressure treated Self-watering planters (sub-irrigation, 3' x 6')

Ductless Heating/Cooling Pump

Solar Package 2 x 315 Watt Solar Panels with two batteries

Greenhouse 160

Financing Options

12 Months

36 Months

60 Months

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Redefine your space

Leverage the natural energy of your environment.

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