University research project to tackle growing need for cold climate greenhouses Edmonton, Alberta.

Updated: Jul 7

The effects of climate change are increasingly impacting global food supply chains and forcing a re-evaluation of how individuals and communities access food, now and in the future.

A collaborative project between the University of Alberta researchers and Exceed Solar, an Edmonton based renewable energy company, is set out to study and perfect cold climate greenhouses in an effort to increase locally grown food supplies in colder climates, a trend that continues to evolve as food prices continue to climb as a result of shipping and storage costs, coupled with climate change impact on food growing and supply regions.

The partnership project, which includes building and installing a solar-powered off-grid greenhouse at the University of Alberta Students' Union's community garden at the U of A's East Campus Village, involves researchers in mechanical engineering, permaculture, Civil Engineering, Sustain SU: The Student Sustainability Service, and the Renewable Energy Design Group. The focus of the research will be on new technologies designed to improve the performance of greenhouses in the production of food, and testing advanced food growing methods using permaculture.

“We are extremely excited to be working with world class researchers in an area that is becoming increasingly significant in terms of food production,” said John Putters, CEO of Exceed Solar. “Our approach is to test new technologies in solar energy, performance monitoring, heating systems, and food production with the overall objective of bringing these technologies to market for a practical purpose.”

The project is set to get underway in the spring/summer of 2020 with the construction and implementation of Exceed Solar’s sustainable greenhouse, powered by solar energy and includes water retrieval and retention systems. The 120 square foot greenhouse is designed for residential and community use, but can be scaled up to accommodate industrial scale structures. The new greenhouse will be instrumented with the help of engineering researchers to provide a continuous assessment of its performance. In this way, Exceed Solar’s sustainable greenhouse will serve as a testbed to research new technologies and to train University of Alberta students in applying sustainable principles.

"Renewable energy design is driven by this project as it will not only provide students the education of solar energy and sustainable permaculture but also serve as a foundation of research for professors. We are very excited to contribute to this project." said Larry Zhong, President of Renewable Energy Design Group. 8634 -53 Avenue Edmonton, AB T6E 5G2 EXCEEDSOLAR.COM

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