Exceed Solar has collaborated with engineering and architectural industry experts to create modern and sustainably designed structures, branded as Sol Spaces. Using structurally insulated panels, Sol Spaces are designed to retain excellent structural qualities and integrity, while reducing the overall time of construction. The structural panels also offer a higher insulation factor and eliminate thermal bridging, which significantly reduces overall heat loss. The design of the Sol Spaces purposefully lends itself to being scaled with the potential for larger-scale manufacturing.


Exceed Solar plans to go to market targeting 24yr-44yr working professionals, families, and 45yr - 64yr working/retired professionals who are in need of permanent home office and expanded space solutions. The Sol Studio is versatile in its application and will be marketed to suit a multitude of needs presented by these demographics, ranging from entertainment, hobbyist, professional, and familial needs. The first models to market will be the Sol Studio in 96sqft and 120sqft with the option to add a 1.2kW solar system.



The Exceed Solar executive team is a group of dedicated professionals with industry experience and knowledge. Laszlo Bajzar, President, obtained his PhD in physical biochemistry and worked as a professor researching and teaching genetics, protein purification, cardiovascular biology, and laboratory techniques such as tissue culture. Then, as the face of a charity and northern development officer, Laszlo was responsible for growing the charity, fundraising, directing and constructing over 100 homes throughout northern Alberta. The Exceed solar marketing team is composed of passionate and mission-driven community engagement and sales professionals. A combined 30 years experience developing marketing strategy and business development in the corporate and in the non-profit sector. The team places great importance on promoting a socially-progressive & inclusive culture of engaged, invested and goal-oriented team players. Elliott Putters, CEO, has an experienced working background in the technology sector, working directly with small-scale solar installations and IoT (Wanda) installation with the University of Alberta and Visionstate, respectively.

Exceed Solar completed its first project, The Sol Studio in July 2019, in Sherwood Park, Alberta. The Company has since partnered with the University of Alberta to deliver its first solar-powered greenhouse prototype, in the East Campus Village. The project will see the prototype test new and sustainable technologies, with an emphasis on increasing food production conditions, methods, data collection, and yields in the greenhouse. Construction is scheduled to begin Spring 2021. The Sol Greenhouse retail release will coincide with the completion and unveiling of the prototype at the University of Alberta, Summer 2021.



A recent survey shows that between February and May of 2020, Canadians working from home/teleworking nearly doubled, from 16.6% in February to 32.6% in May 2020 (StatsCan). Further studies reveal that four in ten Canadians are in a position to have work from home protocols continue post-pandemic (StatsCan).


Food Security is another rising concern among communities and individuals. Locally sourced food products are in demand and Edmonton alone has seen its own number of local year-round farmers markets explode in recent years, some of which have shifted to offering online services (CBC). In addition to communities seeking solutions as a result of COVID-19, more Canadians are individually growing food from home, many for the first time (DAL).


Exceed Solar looks to position itself as a leader in this industry by demonstrating a keen understanding of the needs of its customers and providing them with a turnkey solution for expanding space.