Visionstate is looking to develop an app built for trade, cooperatives or the community style of commerce. 

The APP would be a FREE peer to peer tool designed specifically with the idea of 'crop sharing' in mind, however, meant to extend into the ideas of trading one's craft, goods or services amongst the community, and even within community-based projects. 

We are looking at this time for your input. Below are the gentle outlines of what we feel the app should entail, but we want your input as communities! 

Tell us what you think! What should we keep, take out, or include more of? All ideas are welcome. 

JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Together, let's make a more sustainable, strong and secure world!




  • Customer

  • Seller

  • Sponsors

  • Cooperatives/Communites


  • Within certain Radius/Distance

  • By Product

  • By Producer

  • By Rating

  • Filter Search with multiple variables (Ex. only show peas and carrots from 5 star producers in Edmonton)


  • Search & Filtered Search Functions

  • Product Recommendations (Idea is: "you may enjoy this as well")

  • Featured or Targeted Ads (Sponsors)

  • Best Sellers or Most Popular

  • Products and Services in your area.

  • What's "In-Season" Guide. What is currently in demand (for Producers to accommodate).

  • Local Relevant News (eg. Community Garden looking for Volunteers

  • List of Local Services (Local Business Directory )




  • Phase 1 -  Sale and/or Shipping is up to the Customer 

  • Phase 2-  APP can facilitate both sale and delivery 

  • Phase 3- Allow for subscriptions and future orders

  • Returns or bad/damaged Product- All sales final. Ability to leave online ratings will sort out long term bad producers and keep them accountable. 

  • SHOULD APP PROVIDE SHIPPING BOXES, especially for food share and sale? Would communities want to get involved by having DROP BOXES? 



Creating a stronger foundation within communities to both grow food and share food, in order to protect all of our livelihoods during food scarce situations or just for the greater wellbeing of the future.  

Trading or even commerce among communities with regards to especially food can also address increasing food costs from other sources. Without shipping from far off destinations; dynamic packaging; extensive marketing and then also excessive preservatives and pesticides needed to help lengthen the life cycle of foods, in order to get them to the customer looking good and seeming fresh... food costs can be minimized and pricing can be more affordable for many, plus food is often healthier when it comes from a local producer, being that it has more aligned nutrients needed in that area.  

Currently, there is a shortage of seeds available and even soil, so food storages can become a real thing very quickly if we don't adapt now and start being more conscious of how we produce and share food overall. 

Creates communication betweens peers and also entire communities about how to create sustainability through projects and the exchange of goods and services. 

Starts the long term conversation around sustainability in an easy to use app where one can access community forums, access lists of goods and services available for trade or for sale, and also access to people willing to trade in these more community based manners. 

Creates a marketing platform for those willing to do more community-based exchanges, whether it be trading, or sales... and also opens the door to more cooperative based initiatives. 

Also creates awareness of what resources are available, especially in specific location based areas.  

With the financial sector in fragile form due to COVID-19, the need for ways to exchange goods that are based on energy exchange such as trade or even sharing of the surplus, are very much needed to keep communities alive and thriving. 

Having the ability to also create extra smaller scale "sales" within the monetary system can also be quite healthy for keeping individual families stronger during these times, and then even especially after. 

Making sure to make sure of all excess anyone has to offer in the way of foods, or resources is always a good plan for keeping our communities strong and also reducing waste in this very fragile world we now live in. 

If we can make sure the ability to share crops ( no matter how small) is easy to do and can have a benefit to families and communities... these is only win*wins to be made. Plus if these kind of systems can extend the life cycle of goods already produce (such as tools or furniture) and we can share them amongst our communities to benefit everyone or even just the families they go to, this also has a positive impact on all levels, especially extending a life cycle and minimizing waste of energy, of the physical nature and also helps in bringing communities together. 



1) Show us that you are interested by subscribing and letting us know you want to learn more as we develop this!

2) Send us a direct message with your comments, feedback or questions! We would love to hear from you!

3) Join the conversation on our FORUM. Comment; Ask Questions; Share Ideas; Create topics of discussion. We want to hear from you and we want communities involved in the process! Let's make a better world together.